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Meals on Wheels

One in four seniors lives alone, and nearly 9.5 million seniors in America are threatened by hunger. Here in Volusia County, more than 350 screened and trained volunteers, many of whom have been with COA for several years, deliver nutritious meals to local seniors, working tirelessly to promote good nutrition, health, and independence while providing critical social interaction and wellbeing checks.  

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While most Meals on Wheels clients use the program on a long-term or permanent basis, home-delivered meals are also available on a short-term basis for those people in temporary situations (recovering at home from surgery, etc.). 

As funding is available, qualified seniors are eligible for meal services at no charge or with a modest co-payment. To learn if you or your loved one qualifies, please contact Customer Service at 386-253-4700 x 225 or by email.

Meals are also available for purchase on a private pay basis. For instructions on how to order Home Ordered Meals – click here.

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PetMeals on WheelsTM

It is estimated that more than 33,000 Volusia County seniors live alone. For many, their dog, cat, or other pet may be their only day-to-day companion. In addition to companionship, pets help to alleviate feelings of loneliness while providing a sense of purpose and feelings of love and joy. Animals, being natural conversation-starters, also encourage interaction with other people.

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These are just some of the reasons the Council on Aging of Volusia County and Hush Puppy Haven have partnered to provide pet food, treats, and supplies to the beloved pets of our Meals on Wheels clients. We want to ensure that furry family members receive the food and care they need, too, and that no one ever feels the need to part with a pet due to the inability to pay for food!

Hush Puppy Haven collects new, unopened bags and cans of pet food as well as items such as kitty litter and other supplies, and delivers these items to COA, whose volunteers distribute the food and supplies while on their usual Meals on Wheels routes. If you’re interested in supporting this program, please visit or call 386-320-3413. You may also email  [email protected]

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As government funds are available, qualified seniors may be eligible for services at no charge or with a modest co-payment.

To see if you or your loved one qualifies, call COA at 386.253.4700 x 225 or email us